Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Kiwi's - Awww so cute, so good!

I was at Sprouts market yesterday picking up my usual healthy fare when a display of small containers caught my eye. Little, Baby Kiwi's or "Kiwi Berries" as the package was advertising. 

Awww, it's a boy...It's a girl...It's a Kiwi?

I have never seen these before so naturally I just had to give them a try. My son, Jaymie, is a vegetarian so I thought I would bring these little darlings home for him to try.

Wikipedia Definition: The fruit are referred to as Hardy kiwifruit, kiwi berry, arctic kiwi, baby kiwi, dessert kiwi or cocktail kiwi and are edible, berry or grape-sized fruit similar to kiwifruit in taste and appearance, but are green or purple with smooth skin. Often sweeter than the kiwifruit, hardy kiwifruit can be eaten whole and need not be peeled. Thin-walled, its exterior is smooth and leathery.

Size Comparison

Good things come in small packages - I found the tiny kiwi's to be nice and sweet. I only ate 1 kiwi since I am not eating sugar at the moment. I think these little gems would be perfect in a salad since you don't have to peel them.


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